Chateau Mercues - Located in the Mid-Pyrenee mountains of France, Chateau de Mercues was the summer house for bishops from Cahors since the 12th century.  Now you can visit the castle as it has been converted to a hotel/restaurant but they continue the tradition of maintaining the vineyard and making award winning wine.  We are offering a 2010 Georges Vigouroux Chateau de Mercues for your pleasure.

French Wines

Gouleyant Malbec (2016) is another fine selection we offer from Georges Vigouroux who revitalized the area, by replanting vineyards in the early 1970's that had not been tended to properly for over a century by using old-school techniques to produce timeless wines.  Gouleyant translates to mean lively and very drinkable. This offering delivers a full-bodied taste infused with berry, cocoa, and licorice.  A great complement when served with Lamb or at a summer barbeque .

Cahors, France

The Malbec grape is the grape predominantly grown in the Cahors region.  Georges Vigouroux is considered to be the Savior of the Malbec.   The Wines of Cahors, France are known by their deep color and plum flavor that they get from the Malbec grape.

French Wines Vintage Appelation Packing UPC Code NOTES
Georges Vigouroux          
(Savior of French Malbec) 2010 Chateau Mercues 12x750 6 48977 31892 8 WE 91
  2016 Gouleyant Malbec 12x750 7 18941 46324 1 WS 88
J.P. Paquet Fuisse          
Chateau de Chaintree 2014 Bourgogne Blanc 12x750 3 443050 0009 0  
Domaine Fussiacus 2016 Macon Fuisse 12x750    
Domaine Les Vieux Murs 2015 Pouilly Fuisse 12x750 3 443050 00001 4  

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