French Wines Vintage Appelation Packing UPC Code NOTES
CHATEAU L'ARGENTIER 2015 OLD VINE CINSAULT 12X750 3 760201 940013  
(JOURDAN FAMILY) 2010 ESTATE WINE 12 X750 3 760201 940082 WS 90
  2010 CABERNET SAUV., 40 year old vines 12X750   WS 90

Languedoc, France

Located in South West France, the Languedoc Region produces over one-third of the grapes grown in France.  The Languedoc Region also includes Armagnac where high quality brandy's are produced.  Many of the grapes grown here are similiar to the Bordeaux region.  However, unlike Bordeaux, they produce SYRAH AND CARIGNAN grapes that they use in blending with other wines to give them a deeper color.One of the older varietals,less well known is the CINSAULT,a grape that produces soft delicate wines with low tannin and fruit similar tho the pinot noir.

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